Finn is looking for Hands-on Architects

Søknadsfrist: 21, august is looking for two motivated and experienced technologists with a good balance of technical depth and interpersonal skills. Ideally, you’re someone with a strong technical development background, but you also have a broader view on how to push our platform in a direction we believe in.

What does an Architect do at FINN?

The Architect group is responsible for maintaining our architectural vision and direction, and it’s created together with all teams. Part of an architect’s job is to have a dialogue and listen to our developers, and also explain and support the teams in implementing the architectural vision.

FINN has a proven history of utilizing technology to enable new business opportunities. As architects we have a central role in supporting, implementing and pushing the company’s strategy. We work together with the business and product departments to find technical solutions that give the right impact.

One of our missions is to cultivate sharing of knowledge across teams. We do this by documenting good practices and create and run workshops, trainings and lectures. This enables us, as a company, to introduce new technology successfully.

Sometimes we join a team, or a task force, for a period of time to strengthen a particularly important effort. We contribute in various ways, sometimes as coaches, sometimes taking the lead of the process, and we love it when we get the opportunity to write code.

The Architect group consists of very experienced developers. We assist teams when they face complex issues, and will perform code and design reviews of their solutions on demand.

Who are you?

In this role you have to have the ability to work with people from all parts of the company in order to understand which business needs we have, what technical challenges we have and what solutions exist. You default to sharing information, and you welcome different perspectives. These two skill sets in combination with the ability to take decisions and presenting a clear technical direction, will be critical in order to succeed in this role.

You will also take an active role in cultivating a community of people working with architecture, and making sure the organisation has enough capacity and the right competence to do meaningful work within the field.

Minimum qualifications

  • Solid background from programming and knowledge of one or more programming languages (we use mostly Java/Kotlin/Scala, Javascript, Python and Go)
  • Hands-on experience with crafting scalable, flexible, distributed and resilient systems
  • You love to write code, but acknowledge that you will not write code every day in this role

Preferred qualifications

  • Knowledge about Domain Driven Design
  • Knowledge across the entire stack, front-end, services, and persistence
  • Knowledge about build pipelines, event driven architecture, data on the inside versus outside and data pipelines
  • You communicate well with both technical and business audience
  • Experience with working in large organisations with many development teams
  • Business understanding, and knowledge about and interest in organisational theory
  • You stay up to date with technology and always look for a more efficient solution
  • Experience with cloud computing is a huge plus (security, infrastructure, storage, platforms, data, cloud native service)