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Jazz Networks is looking for extremely bright engineers to join us as full stack developers in our R&D team

Are you a passionate software developer who wants to build the next breakthrough in enterprise data network security technology?

Are you into large distributed systems, machine learning, artificial intelligence, fault tolerance, performance optimization and generally just thinking about BIG architecture?

We are looking for extremely bright engineers from the top global universities to join us as full stack developers in our R&D team Fornebu (Oslo).

The offer:

  • Full time
  • Fornebu (Oslo)
  • Attractive salary / equity
  • Visa sponsorship available

Candidate profile:

You’re a passionate technologist with impressive programming abilities. You jump into any dark cave in the entire software stack without fear. You’re not committed to any one tool, but like to use the right tool for the job. You take pride in what you do, always leaving things a little cleaner than you found them. You’re interested in building software as a craft, and you’re as committed to write airtight tests as you are to implement shiny new features. You get immense pleasure from using chaos-engineering principles to make the entire system robust.

You have achieved excellent academic results from a leading university or can demonstrate some serious ninja skills. You want a career where your creative abilities will make a difference to the world of technology and be part of an impressive R&D environment.

Desirable experience and skills:

Strong competence as a developer across any language domain. Your experience with any particular languages isn’t critical, but you’re not fazed by having to pick up a new language or two along the way. Our backend stack is built using Golang, Elasticsearch, and Python. Our frontend stack is based on Elm.

  • Knowledge of a general purpose programming language, including any of: Golang, Python, C, JavaScript, HTML or CSS.
  • Designing and using REST APIs.
  • Knowledge of network security (e.g. SSL/TLS) and other crypto concepts.
  • Appreciation of test-driven development, continuous integration/deployment, Kanban.
  • Comfortable using tools like git as part of working in a team.

How to apply:

If it sounds like you would be a good fit for us, please email a CV and portfolio to:

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