Shifter's Norway Roundup #11: Help us to define your perfect weekly newsletter

Publisert Sist oppdatert

Shifter’s international editor Kyle Havlicek-McClenahan brings you the essential news from the Norwegian tech scene.

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So what’s a Roundup, anyways?

Not counting a brief hiatus between two roundups, it has now been 11 weeks since we began writing an English language newsletter a.k.a. mashup of the weekly review meets tongue-in-cheek Easter egg hunt. So far so good? You tell us - what this evolves into is ultimately up to you.

You have noticed the format of the newsletter varying from week to week. Not having our own English news site to link to presents a challenge: how can we best build information density into the roundup? We’re working on it. But this too begs the question, what do you actually want to read?

So far, we have received encouraging, albeit limited, feedback. This week’s roundup is being dedicated to asking you for more, because we would like this to be something you look forward to every week. And for that we need your feedback, as critical and covetous as you can dish it.

Would you like more international coverage included? How do you feel about the tone to date? More short articles or fewer long ones? Anything goes, just please let us know, because if you’re not sharing the week’s news from Norway with your international networks, we’re not doing our job.

So spill your beans, what do you want to read every week? Drop a line and let’s chat.

Your feedback and support will be fundamental in the months to come. If you have an interest in seeing certain types of English language content, we would love to hear from you at [email protected].

We are offering deals on advertising for our current and future English language content. If interested, please reach out to our commercial department.


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